Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pay for your courses?
You can checkout with SkillsFuture Credits (For approved courses), PayPal method, direct bank transfer or simply choose the option to pay by cash and our Sales department will correspond with you via your registered e-mail shortly.
What skills do I need to be able to learn from the E-Learning modules?
All that is required from our usersโ€™ end is to be able to have access to a mobile device, laptop or desktop and basic knowledge of IT literacy skills. These skills include knowledge of opening a website browser, navigating through our user-friendly site and clicking buttons to stream our education videos.
Am I required to download any special video player to watch the videos?
No, Our Learning Management System portal has itโ€™s own proprietary media player that will stream the videos.
Which courses best suit me?
It depends on your area of interest, which specific skills require upgrading and which courses that will benefit you personally. Donโ€™t be shy to contact us to see how we can help!
How many courses are available?
What you see now is not what you get because we are constantly uploading more exciting yet practical courses every week!
Who can I contact if I don't understand a certain part of the course module?
Contact us via e-mail stating your subscribed course and module/video number, point to clarify and wait while we get back to you soonest with an answer by our experts. Alternatively you can post a question under the questions/comments section and allow both our experts and other students to reply.
How does your money back guarantee work?
As long as you request for a refund within 7 days after course commencement and state the reason for the request, we will execute the refund.
Are your courses easy to understand? What if it's too difficult for my level?
All our courses are taught in concise and easy-to-understand video tutorials. We have students of all ages learning everyday. Do have a look at the video samples available which are real snippets of our courseware.
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Office Address: 6258 Amesbury St, San Diego, CA
Phone Numbers: (619) 264-5690, (619) 264-5691